Changing Puppy foods. Need some feedback on Royal Canin mini breed puppy formula, Bil-Jac Small breed puppy formula, and

Okay, so I found out today that Nutro Ultra is crap food from my vet. So maybe that's why jazzy (9 week old Mini Doxie) keeps walking away from his food dish in the mornings and at noon. So the Vet recommended Royal canin, Purina, And Bil-Jac. Not too crazy about Purina but Royal canin has a mini breed puppy formula and a mini doxie adult formula. Bil-Jac seems like a good food as well. And By Nature Puppy food is new to me. So anyone have have pros/cons or good/bad reviews on these foods?

Asked by Jazzy on Aug 21st 2010 in Food & Nutrition
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I wouldn't feed any puppy of mine ANY of those foods!!! Please go over to the forums and find Sedona's thread on dog food in the food and nutrition section. Short version... you are looking for a food with meat listed as the FIRST ingredients and one with no corn, beet pulp or other fillers and no additives or other nasties added as preservatives, etc. There are plenty of great choices out there and those three are not one of them!!! I am not familiar with By Nature so I can't comment on that. Sedona's thread tells you what to look for and, most importantly, why it is a good food or is not a good food.

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None of those. Corn, fillers, anti-freeze and very little meat is all they have to offer!
Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Castor and Phollux. Two of these are available at Petco.

The reason puppy is walking away from the food is the grain/filler makes her sick. Dogs can't digest grains. Even cows can't digest corn, that's chicken feed!
She may also be full. If you feed the amounts recommended, Jazzy will look like a bowling ball by her 2nd birthday. They always tell you to feed too much.

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A lot of veternarians reccomend foods like those, but they are all horrible for dogs. Purina is probably the worst out of the three, and its appalling that this is reccomended by a vet. However, we love our vet but they sell Royal Canin. Of course, we'd never feed it.

Stick with foods that are natural and real. Kibble with fillers and corn is extremely unhealthy for a dog.

Look for Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Nature's Variety, Ziwi Peak, Tatse of the Wild, Orijen, Solid Gold, Natura, Canidae, Fromm or Merrick. You should also read this thread: www.dogster.com

Good luck and I hope Jazzy gets a great food soon!

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What's REALLY in pet food? -


Stay away from ingredients like:

Caramel color
White rice
Animal fat
Artifical flavorings & colors
Potato product
Wheat mill run
Cane molasses

There are many more bad ingredients to stay away from.

Dog foods to stay away from:

Science Diet
Ol' Roy
Royal Canin

There are many more dog foods to stay away from.

Dogs foods I highly recommend:

Merrick B.G.
Solid Gold
Honest Kitchen
Newman's Own

Please read the label before buying dog food!

Bad dog food is one of the leading causes to medical problems. If you really want your dog to be healthy, then treat your dog healthy.

Really do take the time to read the article "What's REALLY in pet food?"

Paw-mail me for any more questions you may have.

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Bil jac is one of the lowest rated foods out there. Royal canin is not that bad of a food compared to purina. It has it faults but is better then the other two. Some of the posts on here need to check the food before they post it as bad. By their definition of bad food some on the recomended list should be on the bad list and some on the bad list need to be on the good list

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