Care for a 4 week old puppy??

I'm in a rural village in Alaska teaching. People here give away puppies really early (usually around 2 weeks old) just because they don't want to take care of them any longer. There aren't any breeders here- they are all just mutts- people can't afford to send their pets on a plane to Nome to get spayed/neutered.

Anyways, I've found a puppy I want, and I've convinced the lady to hold onto mine until it's 4 weeks old (next Thursday). She's already been trying to wean it onto cow's milk and cereal (yikes!) so I'm guessing it will be able to eat hard puppy food by the time I get it.

There isn't any puppy food here, but I'll be in Nome Sunday-Wednesday, which has a slightly bigger grocery store. I doubt they will have puppy milk there.

So while in Nome, what should I be looking for? If I can't find puppy milk to mix with the dry food, is there something I can use as a substitute? And if I can't find puppy food.. what should I get?

Asked by Member 712820 on Aug 20th 2008 in Food & Nutrition
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goats milk if you can find it is wonderful for young animals. the breeder we purchased pepper from weaned all her dogs onto puppy kibble softened w/ goats milk and they were all very healthy. but many people use goats milk instead of "puppy/kitten milk" to bottle feed young ones w/ a lot of luck.

here's some info on it (you don't need to find this brand and raw goat milk is fine):

don't worry if you can't find "puppy" food; really the only difference in feeding an adult and a puppy is the amount of food given. so just use the best adult food you can find and feed more of it.

answered on Aug 21st.

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If I remember correctly, puppies can't be weaned until 5 or 6 weeks of age.
Sorry that there are so many irresponsible dog owners where you live. If their dog has puppies the least they could do is care for them right! Hrumph!
Read up really well on hand-raising puppies so that you can at least try to take care of this one and teach it the way it's mother would.
This article, though about newborn puppies, may help:

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