can you tell me some or all of the dogs that you train to do agility???

i really want to do agility. but molly is six years old and not real fit. i used to always do agility with her with my homemade agility kit in my backyard. but i have stopped for a while and she gained weight and aged...BOL! can someone tell me some of the dogs who i can do agility with. also i live in utah, how do i get started??? Thanx!!! :D

Asked by Member 765056 on Sep 13th 2009 in Agility & Sports
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Well. I think akc has some club info for agility.
I have never done agility but if you think the dog is in condition to start you can but it sounds as if the dog may need to get into conditon before it can start agility can be hard on older dogs. Especially if there is arthritus and or obesity.
Consult your vet then search for some clubs to visit.
I hope you find the answer you seek.
good luck. Check on forums, click herding association, I think some folks do agility on there.

Dieta answered on 9/14/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I compete with my Lab, Magnum, in agility. And I'm training his son, Hoss, to do agility too. Like the previous post said, you need to make sure your dog is in good condition before training. There are many agility venues. The most popular are:





If you have any questions, feel free to p-mail me:)

Magnum NAJ O-TN-N OJC NAC WV-O answered on 1/30/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It doesn't matter how old they are. You can still do Agility with them. I know a dog named Daisy and she is 5 this year and she is doing Agility, dogs still like to do things when their old. If she gained a lot of wait then set the Agility Couse for her traits, the jumps should only be as tall as their back and if she's a little heavy then I guess you could set it a little lower until she get's the hang of it. You can do Agility with all dog's but I reccomend waiting until their 9 months old so they understand what their doing, have enough energy for it and are tall enough to do jumps. As for getting started I wouldn't know. Im also getting started with me dog but I've practised with many other dogs. Try taking her to a park and getting her to jump on a park bench and walk down it, it could be good practise for a dog walk.

Jersey answered on 8/15/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer