can you hold a puppy to much?

Asked by Daisy on Feb 6th 2013 in The Dogster Website
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Human Contact
Between the ages of eight weeks and three months, puppies begin learning how to interact with humans. Make it a point to hold and play with your puppy during this period to guarantee that she associates you with positive experiences.

Necessary Touching
You must establish with your new puppy as soon as possible the notion that you and the other members of your family should be allowed to touch her anywhere. This includes sensitive areas like the ears, the eyes, the paws and the genitals. Establishing this notion ensures that if any of these places ever requires medication or treatment, the puppy is already accustomed to allowing you to handle them. To build trust, you and your family members should gently touch the puppy on a regular basis in the areas that make him squirm.

If you have young children, make sure that they do not harass the dog with rough or nonstop touching. Puppies need a lot of sleep. To ensure that your puppy does not learn to resent you or your children, give her a suitable amount of quiet time, and learn to watch for signs that your puppy has had enough for one play session.

Signs You're Holding Too Much
If your puppy falls asleep when you pick him up, you should put him down and let him sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is essential to his health. Small puppies can also experience motion sickness, so if he starts to squirm and push against you, he has probably had enough for one day.

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Yes I do think you can hold one to much. First of all. Yes I do hold my puppies. But I also want them to get out and explore and even get exercise. Also a held puppy will expect to be held even when they are bigger. If you have a large dog. Do you want to hold them when they are about 8 or 9 months old? Also holding a puppy all the time they can get to the point they will come to be held and nit stand up for themselves. Or even be scared all the time because you may have made them into a big baby. So I guess I say hold them. But also give them some freedom also

Ikan answered on 2/7/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer