Can you guess what breed my dog Harley is, please?

We rescued Harley in November, he was 8 months old at the time. The adoption organization gave him the title of "lab mix" and since then we have gotten guesses that he could have ridgeback in him (because of his wrinkles, he does not have the ridge). Our vet says he looks like a lab-sheperd mix, I don't see it. I've also gotten guesses like some type of hound, pitbull or shapei even. He was found a stray in GA, so he could be 20 different things for all we know, but i was wondering based on his picture if anyone has any other guesses. It is not a big enough deal to do a DNA test at the moment, because he is a good dog, but this is just out of curiosity.

Here are some pics of him (hope this link works) www.flickr.com

He is 62 lbs, (wasnt "supposed" to get over 40). The only breed I am most certain about is lab, he looks a lot like a lab.

Asked by Harley on Mar 2nd 2012 Tagged breeds, dogs in Mixed Breeds
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Even before fully reading your query I thought about a ridgeback...there are some characteristics there for sure. If hes a mix he may not necessarily carry the genes for the "typical" ridge of backwards fur down his back. That last pick looks like shepherd coloring, but could also be due to a number of hound varieties. Hes a cute guy!

Bella answered on 3/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Harley - Lab/Beagle/Rhodesian Ridgeback/Redbone Coonhound mix.

Member 930032 answered on 3/7/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer