can someone help me get GIMP on my computer safely step-by-step???

you can refer to my other question (about gimp) as to why i am saying --safely-- can someone help me STEP-BY-STEP?? THANX!!!

Asked by Member 765056 on Oct 11th 2009 in Web
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Gray Dawn Treader

I've downloaded and currently use GIMP, so I should be able to help.
First, here's the GIMP website:

Here's the download page:

If you have a Windows operating system, click on "download GIMP 2.6.7" under "GIMP for Windows".
After clicking on the link, another window or tab (depending on your browser) will pop up. Click "save file". Set it to save to your desktop, then click on it (you may have to double-click, depends on your settings), and you'll receive instructions. Follow these instructions. When it's done installing, reboot the computer and open GIMP up to make sure it's working properly.
You can opem the freshly-installed GIMP without rebooting, but it's best to reboot first because Windows has a problem with dumping unnecessary memory and according to my dad (who has quite a bit of computer experience), that it can screw up your settings.
Assuming you use Windows, of course.

Let me know if you have any trouble.

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