Can Shiba inus use electric fence? Have you ever used one for your shiba inu?

Currently my shiba is only two months old, but I have begun worrying where he will be when he gets older. We do not have a fence outside of our house, but we do have an electric fence. Have any of you used electric fences to contain your shibas? Have you had bad experiences with them? What age did you begin to introduce the puppy to the electric fence?

I have two other dogs that use the electric fence so it may help my puppy learn. Please respond with your experiences, good and bad.

Asked by Member 1039372 on Jul 3rd 2011 Tagged electricfence, fence, puppy, yard, outside, shiba, inu, learn in Shiba Inu
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By 'electric fence', I assume you mean a buried wire, radio fence?

Any dog can be trained on an invisible fence. And older dogs do teach puppies where the boundary is. (It's so cute)

I have been told many times that "scent hounds don't do invisible fences". But I had no trouble training Sonny to stay inside ours.

The mistake often made is not starting early enough with flags and old fashioned boundary training.

Put up flags, take him out on a leash, and start teaching your puppy to stay inside the boundary now. Reward him when he turns away from the flags on his own.

By the time he is 5-6 months old he will be ready to start associating the beep with the boundary. Cover the prongs on the collar with electrical tape, continue boundary training. After a couple of weeks with him consistantly stopping before the boundary you can take the tape off.

Sonny answered on Jul 3rd.

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