Can puppies die form mosquitos biting them?

Asked by Member 748540 on Oct 7th 2008 in Health & Safety
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The primary threat to puppies/dogs from mosquito bites is heartworm. It takes about 6 months for a heartworm infestation to "brew." Meaning, it takes about 6 months from the time a dog is bitten by an infected mosquito for the microfilaria to find their way to the pulmonary (heart-lung) vessels and develop into adult heartworms.

If your puppy is 1) more than 6 months old or 2) has a severe allergy to mosquito bites, it is quite possible for dangerous complications to arise. Though, it would be very rare. There is a simple blood test to rule-out heartworm infestation (most often able to be done at the vet's office, with results in <10 minutes).

Most often, puppies >6 months of age (as well as adult dogs) only "die" from "mosquito bites" indirectly due to heartworm. Heartworm is preventable and treatable. If/when suspected, veterinary assistance should be sought immediately.

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