Can My 11 month old dog still be teething?

We adopted him from a shelter had been there almost a month, he was an owner drop off because their landlord didn't like his dog breed. ( German Shepard Pitbull )

Anyways he chew every toy we get him in minutes! Destroyed a tire and ham hock in under 45 minutes ( different occasion )! There are still spacing between some of his teeth.
Can he still be teething up into almost being a year old?

Asked by Member 1148214 on Jan 4th 2013 Tagged toy, toyschewing, teething, teeth, gumgums, year, year in Chewing
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At 11 months, he should have all his adult teeth by then. With out seeing him, it is hard to say about the space in the teeth. But it just sounds like he may be an aggressive chewer. Have you tryed the antlers that they sell at petsmart or that you can get online. Many people I have talked to say they seem to last a lot longer then other things.

Ikan answered on 1/4/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer