can i give my dog dramamine??

for motion sickness while ridding on long trips?

Asked by Member 779238 on Oct 25th 2009 in Health & Wellness
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It is not wise to give any human meds to dogs. I would discuss this with your vet.

I recommend not feeding your dog on long trips, only water.
frequent stops to the rest stops or forest preserve to get his legs on ground/ eliminate himself.
Use a crate.
If it is cool outside you can roll the back window down and cover the crate's door with a towel to minium the view of the motion he sees.
Also chew bone, or a kong stuffed with meat/ or peanut butter.
Instead of fast food stop at a grocery store or save the fast food to go outside and eat with the dog, pack him a light lunch like diced ham if he does not actually vomit on the road.

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Miss Priss

dramamine for canines;
Yes - many vets do refer the client to this product : see here:
Dosage from Walker Valley vet -

good luck!
miss priss and marie
Cozy country dogs

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