can i get my papers for my pitbull online? if so how can i get them?

i need to get papers on my pitbull

Asked by Member 534994 on Nov 22nd 2007 in The Dogster Website
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Was the dam and sire of your dog registered? Was the litter registered? The breeder that you purchased the dog from should have arranged to get you the registration papers. If they told you that the dog was registered but have not given you the papers, then you should definitely let the registering body (most commonly American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, or United Kennel Club) know about it.

If your dog or its parents are not registered but you are confident that it is a purebred, you can apply to the AKC or CKC for a competition number that will allow you to participate in sporting events (not conformation).

Gio answered on 11/22/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Like Gio said, in order to get papers from the AKC, both your dogs parents must be registered with the AKC or with a foreign registry recognized by the AKC. If that is the case, your breeder should be the one to register the litter or send you the puppy registration so you can do it.

Alternatively, if you want "papers" so you can compete in AKC events, you can get an ILP registration. In order to be eligible for ILP registration, you must send in photos of your dog along with a form and a fee of $35. You must also have proof that your dog is spayed or neutered, as they will not ILP register unaltered dogs since they are ineligible for breeding.

There are also places like the CKC (Continental Kennel Club, not to be mistaken for the Canadian Kennel Club). Those are "vanity" registries where you get two people (vet, trainer, breeder, etc.) to sign off on a paper saying your dog is / looks purebred, and they send you "papers". They're really not worth the paper they're printed on.

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