Can I crate train if the pup hasn't done everything before I leave? How do I control this?

I have a nearly four month old Shih Tzu. Since I got him two weeks ago I have struggled with what to do with him when i'm at work. At first I gated off my small galley kitchen and put pee pads down around his crate but then realized he won't ever learn not to pee inside. He sometimes went on them, mostly not. Then I progressively made the space smaller and now he just has the crate and a pee pad just outside it but since doing this, by mid morning (a friend comes in to take him out during lunchtime) he has already shredded the pee pad - mostly soiled- to dust. It's disgusting to clean up and i had to give him a bath yesterday. If i crate train him, I can't guarantee that he will empty his bladder and poop before I put him in it because he doesn't always go before i leave the house. I take himn out at 6AM, feed him right after and then I have to leave by 7:45 so if he hasn't done everything, can I still do this?

Asked by Member 1130683 on Sep 13th 2012 Tagged crate in Behavior & Training
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If he's getting breakfast at around 6:15, he should need to pee and poop by 7:15. Walking him will stimulate his need to go.

If your work schedule doesn't give you time to care for a puppy, you shouldn't have a puppy. AND this breed is notoriously hard to train.

Re home while he's young and cute. Rescue an adult dog that can tolerate being alone all day. I suggest a cat. Dogs don't like being alone for a long time.

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That's your error. Feed him and then take him out.

Chase answered on 9/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer