can anyone guess what kind of dog my little koda is? i need good guesses because i have no idea!

hes about 7 months old now and very energetic. he has a deep bark thats a little suprising for his size. hes just a tad bit taller than my cocker spaniel and he is just about scared of every noise and unknown objects..please please please help me figure out what he is.

Asked by koda on May 10th 2012 Tagged dog, mixed, breed, koda, rottweiler, lab, beagle, german, shepard, unknown, breed, black, brown, tan, white, puppy in Mixed Breeds
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Could you post more pictures? It's hard to tell with only one photo.

However, by looking at the one photo on his page, he looks like a Rottweiler/Coonhound/Beagle mix.

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