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Can anyone give a few facts on environmental / chemical agents that dogs are allergic to.

Hello everyone,
we moved last august, and that's when the allergies started (for a short time his food was also changed) At first I didn't know what it was, but a trip to the vet confirmed that he had allergies and an ear infection. Meds were given, they helped, however he kept getting very bad outbreaks... short story.
$$$$ later, through trial and error with different brand (supposedly natural) I ended up finding out that he was allergic to beef. I cook all his meals now, and use fish oil for vitamins / coat. and it really has helped... it hasn't quite gone away, and he seems to have at least one outbreak, constantly (different locations) just not as severe as before. A doctors trip yield very little results.. with a lot of $$$.
I am still worried only because through research, I've seen what allergies can do to a dog. If this is something internal, or perhaps there are other allergen factors involed, I'd really like to get a handle on it and get the problem under control.

Asked by ♥ Face ♥ on Feb 1st 2008 Tagged skinallergies in Allergies
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I know a Golden retriever that is allergic to ALL the meats (fish/chick/beef/rabbit), EVERYTHING exept venison (deer). So, he gets venison dog food and his ear problems and skin issues cleared up. here are some environmental agents: OTHER POSTERS HELP ME OUT HERE: few things that I've experienced dog allergies with: fabric softener, carpet powders, ant hills, outdoor chemicals such as fertilizer, motor oil, shampoos, dog cologne, people cologne, cleaning products (ready-mop and windex), grass, unknown chemical on patio furniture cushions, flea/tick collars/sprays. Also for some reason here in TX, both mastiff breeds are having some serious eye irritation. Now my neighbor's lab is getting it. There is something in the air here or in the dust from the ground that is giving them the allergies of their life. They also both had red irritated armpits and on their belly when they have outbreaks. No one can pin-point what it is so far but it's something outside.

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There's no indication in your post that you've ever undergone "Allergy Testing." This is a blood test sent off to a specialty lab (I am familiar with Bio-Medical Services, but there are others) where they pinpoint almost all of the possible allergens specific to your dog. You can then 1) receive and administer desensitization injections or 2) omit all allergens from the diet and environment (if possible).

Allergy testing is costly up front, but once you know exactly what your dog is allergic to, it is much easier to treat/prevent future allergic reactions.

You can reasearch yourself at Bio-Med's website and see what you think: www.bmslab.com

Good luck, as I know how frustrating it can be having to deal with a pet that has oodles of allergies!!!

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Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!!

Both the above posters are right on the money.Can you let us know where the allergic areas are on the dogs body?If underneath of the dog then a contact allergy is likely-may be laying on something he is allergic to.Like a wool rug,carpet deoderizer(like carpet fresh)new carpet,freshly cleaned carpets,a bed with an allergen on or in it(blankets are best used so they can be washed)laundry detergent or fabric softner(use dreft baby detergent)shampoo's many different things.if the allergies are else where like the ears,body,feet it can be fleas food or inhallients.I would not let your Vet use Steriods unless the dog is completely miserable!Try antihistamines and getting some of the things out of the dogs life.Did this start when you moved?Feel free to ask anything at my dogster page.Good Luck

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Freckles Cuddle-Me-Lots

I'm not a vet, or an expert by any means so take what I say with a big grain of salt and do your own reasearch....but... having said that. If I had a dog with skin allergies, hot spots, ear problems, etc., I would definatly do allot of research and think very seriously about switching to raw feeding. MANY dogs are allergic and have reactions to the preservatives and grains in commercial dog food (they are carnivores and not made to digest these things), and all of them have it. Even the so called "natural" foods. There is a plethora of information out there. Much to learn. good luck with your precious pooch...

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