Can anybody please help us train our 4 year old maltipoo Happy!

We recently rescued a 4 year old maltipoo,and we instantly fell in love with him, so we have adopted him. His name is Happy. Although our family has experience with training labs, rots, and st.bernards; we never trained one this old and one of this breed. And more importantly Happy is extremely energetic to the point that, not only is his attention span so short, he topples and destroys everything in his path. Please help! We've never given up a dog and we don't want to start with Happy! He is such a fun dog!

Asked by Member 1002714 on Sep 1st 2010 Tagged adultmaltipootraining in Methods of Training
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Training for little dogs is no different, it's just easier if your short....BOL!

Just like a Lab, he needs some exercise. Leash walks are a great way of bonding and teaching him to follow the leader at the same time.

Use his food. Sonny didn't get his in a bowl for a week, it was all given in trade for compliance.

Once he's a little tired, work on manners and basics. Seems like sit, stay, off and down are good choices. But first to build some focus, teach "Watch Me".

The sites I'll list have more training tips!
Click on these links:
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I think fast thinking and moving dogs are easier. You just have to remember to train them faster to the level of their thinking. They need an really fast trainer to keep up so you might find yourself very tired. so keep your training sessions short. Also, he never knew anything before now so you have to give him time to adjust to you and to adjust to his new home before starting an obedience routine. Once he becomes bonded to you then he will start to be more attentive.
I found seperate sessions, short ones, with lots of praise and treats can really get a new dog's attention better.
Remember some dogs have short attention spans so if you find this the case make the session short.
End always on a good note. You can also place him in a crate with water for about 30 minutes to calm down and think. I think it did help with puppies to do this, they seemed to remember more by giving them the time to think it over, and recover from it.
Have fun with Happy he sounds great. :)

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