Can a dog who is only 10 months old have puppies?

I need to know if a dog who is 10 months aold can have puppies? I have two dogs and when I came into the room the two dogs were stuck together, I had to put water on them to break them up.

Asked by Member 982269 on Apr 18th 2010 in Health & Wellness
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Yes but it is risky for them. Most dogs come into there first heat around 6 months old then around every 6 months after. The bigger the breed the later they usally get there first heat. You are not suppose to breed a dog on there first heat you should at least wait till the second. Its mostly to make sure that momma is big enough to be able to give birth to the puppies and that carring the puppies wont hurt her development.
KEEP THEM APART if you dont want puppies. Dogs can only get pregnant about 3 days out of there cycle and there in for about 3 weeks. They wont take the male till there close to that time but you might get lucky if you don't let them do it anymore. The best thing to do would be to wait till she goes out and take her to the vet and have her fixed if you don't want to risk her having complications. They also have shots to abort the pregnancy at some vet clinics I know it sounds bad but its better then losing your girl or the puppies ending up in the shelter later.

Member 982275 answered on 4/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


If the dog is in heat, it is old enough to conceive. Why in the world was a 10 month old baby in heat left unsupervised with an intact male?
Obviously, since this dog is not mature enough to be a mother, I would get her spayed ASAP and prevent this from happening again.
FYI, putting water on them to break them up is very dangerous for both dogs. The male actually has a bone in his penis, unlike humans, and this bone can be broken with serious consequences. And, while they are tied it is very easy to cause serious internal tearing injury to the female if the male is being forced to pull away in an attempt to end the tie. Once they are tied the sperm are already in her so breaking up the tie will not remove the risk of pregnancy one bit.

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Yes she can but it is horrible for her health...Please do a spay/abort to make sure she lives.

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