Can a dog produce milk to feed her litter of puppies if she has a c-section and is spayed

She was 66 days into her pregnancy and has to have a c-section and then the vet is going to spay her. i was just wanting to know if i will have to feed the puppies or will she produce enough milk to feed them.

Asked by Member 644178 on Jun 17th 2008 Tagged puppies, lactate, spay in Puppies
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From what I understand in most cases the spay would take place after the puppies are old enough to leave. But if it has to be done right away, do you know of any other nursing dogs who just had puppies they could probably nurse from her. But yeah if he spays her right away I think it is safe to say she won't be able to nurse. But I really don't have much knowelege on this subject and I may have my facts mixed up, so I'm anxious to see what others have to say, you will get some good advice here. Good luck with everything

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Well, she can produce milk, but she may not. Be prepared for if she doesn't produce milk.
This article has info on taking care of puppies, including feeding them yourself:

And this article tells you how to care for the mother and puppies after the mother has a C-section:

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I work in the veterinary field. Your dog is at full term pregnancy at that point. She will have produced milk already and milk let down will occur due to the puppy suckling and certain hormones that will still be in her body for a time after the surgery. She will be able to nurse but perhaps not for quite as long or quite as efficiently. You may need a suppliment to help in case mom has trouble.

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