Can a dog get sick or any type of worms from rabbit poop?

I just noticed alot of rabbit poop all over my yard. If my dog accidently gets into it could she get sick, or maybe get worms from it? Should I go out there & pick it up? There certainly is alot of it!! Thank you for any advise!

Asked by !~Bella~! on Feb 5th 2008 Tagged rabbits in Illness & Disease
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we have rabbit poop, but there must be a family of rabbits that visit us so we can't keep up with it. I have started teaching Dudley that rabbit poo is not something I want him to eat.

Anything can potential carry parasites, rabbits are no exception. Wild rabbits can carry a range of diseases and worms.

Dudley answered on Feb 5th.

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Gray Dawn Treader

Yes, he could. Not only that, but a yard full of rabbit poop isn't exactly nice to look at. Go clean it up. Way to go on asking about this. Most people would just shrug and see what happens.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 2/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer