Can a dog get pregnant by more than one dog at a time?

Ok, My dog pregnant by another pitbull (not purposly) but I was thankful that the pups would atleast be full blooded, but one day I let her out another dog got in and I was wanting to know if I might have two types of puppies?

Asked by Coco on Oct 26th 2007 in Puppies
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Yes, if two males mated with your female around the same time, then it is possible for pups to be sired by either of the two males. I'm not totally clear on the time frame that the matings have to happen in, but it isn't an uncommon occurrence. The only way to know is to wait for the pups to be born. If you know the breed of the other male, then you should be able to detect which are purebred Pit Bull pups and which are the mix. I believe parentage testing is also available through AKC or CKC (depending on your country) and may be offered by other private institutions.

Gio answered on Oct 26th.

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Yes, it's possible.

Even though each ovule ("egg") can only be fertilized once, different ovules can be fertilized by the sperm from different dogs. If your dog was impregnated by a Pittie as well as another dog, your litter can have both purebred Pitties and mixed breed puppies.

Once she's done weaning, please have her spayed to prevent this from happening again. Unfortunately, Pitties are some of the least adoptable dogs in the country because so many places ban or restrict them, they end up in shelters (and put to sleep) at much higher rates than other breeds.

Abby answered on 10/26/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer