Can a dog be allergic to oatmeal shampoo?

We have had allergy testing done on our Brittany. He is allergic to oat in the foods category. I bought oatmeal shampoo because I had read that it can be very soothing for dogs with allergies. Just before I was going to bathe him, I remembered that oats is one of the foods he is allergic to. Does this mean I shouldn't use the oatmeal shampoo? It still isn't a waste of money; we have two other dogs to use it on.

Asked by bandit on Mar 29th 2009 in Health & Wellness
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Miss Priss

Hello - He is allergic to the oats and corns: fillers in dog food. The oatmeal bath should be fine for your little brittany. It had to do with digestion of the oats...
Oatmeal baths are fine for anyone with sensative skin.
So, yes - you can use it ...

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Miss Priss answered on Mar 29th.

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I wouldn't chance it.

Feed a decent chow and as little else as possible, seldom if ever bathe the dog, and brush it daily with a soft bristled brush. You might add a teaspoon a day of liquid cooking oil to its food.

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