Can a dog an otherwise well mannered doge exhibit residual aggression?

My dog (Vzslia/Weimaraner) is a 2.5 year old male. He is well mannered, and has never shown food aggression towards people and only shown food aggression towards animals on a couple of occasions with the exception of my friend's dog. The other day, my dog had a bone and growled at my two year old niece who was walking past him. This has NEVER happened. I was visiting with my friend that morning. Her dog has some serious food aggression issues and I wonder if my dog's behavior is a result of some sort of residual effect and if so what to do about this. My dog is generally okay with other animals, and eats together with my cat from the same bowl...with no issues...

Asked by Member 1141916 on Nov 23rd 2012 Tagged foodaggression in Aggression
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I'm not sure what you mean by "residual aggression"... if you visited your friend and your dog didn't come along, then no, there's no way that affected the situation. If you brought your dog with you and the other dog was aggressive to him, then it is possible that put your dog off for the day (like when someone is rude to you, and then you snap at someone later because of it).

Most likely, your dog sees his bone as a particularly special treat that he doesn't want to share, and either sees your niece as a subordinate or as someone who has taken something (maybe a toy) from him in the past. Keep in mind that a growl is a warning, and while it is concerning, it's NOT the same as biting.

It's probably nothing to worry about unless it happens again or he starts to show more aggression. Either way, you should probably keep your dog and children separate when he eats his food or bones, or remove things your dog guards when children are present for the safety of everyone.

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