Can a dachshund have slightly longer legs??

I have a 2 year old chocolate dachshund that is taller than my largest mini by about an inch to three inches, (hard to get good measurement since she won't hold still)yet still about the same length and weight as the other. I was told she is all dachshund, but to look at her she just doesn't appear to be. Her legs make me think of taller breeds. I have asked several vets and short of paying out the big dollars for a genetics test they can't give me a definite answer. Could she be a cross between a mini and a standard and that account for the extra leg length? I don't see many standards in my area so don't know how tall they are.

Asked by Member 302127 on Oct 8th 2007 in Dachshund
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All dogs can vary as individuals.

Growing up, we had a purebred doxie who was actually a miniature but was larger than a mini but much smaller than a standard.

His legs weren't as long as Coco's, but he was definitely not the "right" size for a purebred.

Having said that, I think your dog COULD be a mix, but you just won't ever know.

Even the DNA tests can be inconclusive, I've read recently.

She could just have extra long legs.

She's absolutely adorable and the long legs make her even cuter....I wouldn't think twice about it!

Jack answered on 10/8/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


I had to familiarize myself with the standard:

Both Chloe & you lack something: inconsistancy in coat. Your ears have obvious longer hair, but when viewing the standard bottom picture at the AKC site, I notice you don't have longer hair along your chest, legs, or tail.

I don't see a deep chest, asked for in standard: "breast-bone is strongly prominent in front so that on either side a depression or dimple appears" and the legs like you mentioned. But look at Chloe & her HUGE ears!

I think the differences have compiled enough to say you're a cross. Why? Because if something is smaller or larger, that's understandable standard deviation statistics. But if things are entirely missing that's an unknown source. Coupled with numerous differences, final answer: Cross.

My focus are shelties,& I'm not a doxie authority. But that's opinion & I hope some fresh eyes have helped shed some light on the subject. Standard or not, you're cute!

Chloe answered on 10/8/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer

NuNu  {Nubert Nubinsky}

My nunu who is a 2 year old male mini, is taller then my female whos a 1.5 year old mini... i know he is purebred but he is still taller, she might be a "tweenie" which is bigger then a mini but smaller then a standard, nunu is a tweenie, he weighs 11 lbs which is big for a mini, but he is healthy (not over weight) but yea a doxie can have slightly longer legs, nunu does and i have all of his papers.

NuNu {Nubert Nubinsky} answered on 10/12/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer