Calm dog breeds?

What are some dog breeds that are Medium-Large sized and are active outdoors and calm inside. A breed that would enjoy walking a couple miles and plaing frisbee, then relaxing on a couch and watching tv. Just out of curiousity.

Asked by Toby on Oct 25th 2010 in Breeds
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OHH the best and loving dogs are American Eskimo dog(s).!!Snowflake my gal was the BEST!!!.. easy to train as well.. hmmm well lets see other breeds other breedsss....theres Chiuwawhas..Chaiweiners..Labss, golden retrivers, maybe calm German Shepards, Collies, Blue Ticks, Beagles, Pomerianians, Poodles, Long haired Chiawahaus, Rat Terries, St.Bernards..and lots more:D.. why do you ask?.. GEtting another dog?...oh oh PAW MAIL ME PAWLEASE!!?

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Still searching? Good job! Maybe a retired racing greyhound might fit the bill. They are huge couch potatoes indoors, but do like to get out a daily walk. Not sure how they do with frisbee though. An adult lab also sounds good. There are plenty of breed specific rescues who can give you lots of info on individual dogs.

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Faith (CGC)

Collies--not Borders but your regular rough Collie. These dogs, while in the herding family, don't have nearly as much get-up-an-go as a Border or Aussie. They can take long walks, are very friendly, and trainable but are much more laid-back than other herders. They will relax and rest unlike the BC or Aussie who always thinks he has to be on the go. lOL

Faith (CGC) answered on 10/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


A greyhound would be calm inside and would like long walks. But as far as the frisbee, they may ran after it as long as it is flying but when it stops , most loose interest in it. Greyhounds like other sighthounds like to run and chase, but are not real big on being ruffhoused .

Kazba answered on 10/26/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think with this question. It's not a matter of a breed. It is a matter of what dog.
Not all dogs can be a golden middle, active outside and calm in side. It can happen, but it would depend on character, energy level, training to do so ect. Like the ol' saying a tired dog is a happy dog. My dog needs tons of exercise to be able to come inside and relax.
My Boston needs not that much to be able to get pooped out. And our heavy boned dog doesn't require much either. She could sleep 12 hrs straight.
You do kind of describe my boston in some ways, but they can't tolerate heat or cold temps.

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I found it really useful to try out different breeds here:
You can adopt a dog (I like the Huskies or the Labs) then watch your puppy grow and do all sorts of things when it's an adult (open a kennel club for other players dogs, compete in dog shows etc)
It's really realistic so I find that it helps you decide which dog breeds you like and that are suited to your personality.
Hope this helps! Here it is:

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