Calm and Submissive guard dogs.

I think I understand the concept of a balanced pack and a calm and assertive pack leader. I am trying to fit that into how a dog like my German Shepherd can become calm and submissive and still protect me and my children from intruders or attack when we are.
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Asked by Member 897143 on Oct 4th 2009 in Service & Therapy Dogs
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Your dog will protect you and your children if the need arises. I don't think any dog should be taught how to protect, I think it comes naturally if a dog feels his loved ones are threatened. I think a well behaved social dog is first and foremost. Dogs have an amazing ability to know when things aren't right. Dogs are loyal and devoted, they would lay their lives down to keep their loved ones safe.

♥ DEOGIE ♥ answered on Oct 4th.

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Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011)

Socialization. The dog must be used to different people and situations so that he doesn't flip out over nothing. A good guard dog never attacks without a good reason. German Shepherds in general are naturally protective of their master/mistress and his/her family. My own GSD is no exception. However, because of her less-than-ideal past in which she got little socialization, she can get protective of me and/or defensive of herself over trivial things. I've been socializing her over the past few years. Rewarding good behavior, removing her from the situation and utilizing negative punishment over bad behavior. She's been improving nicely, and someday soon I expect her to pass the CGC test.

For a submissive my experience you control the resources, and have some discipline about it, and they see you as leader.

Cookies 'n' Creme (1998-2011) answered on 10/4/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It is best to not put your dog into harm way, buy a can of pepper spray or some alarms for the front door.
Most dogs will not do a job of a trained police dog.
I would rather trip or hit a bad guy coming into the house then let my dog get seriously hurt or killed by an armed robber.
You can never replace your dog.
I think if someone broke in I would hide myself and the dogs in the bedroom and dial 911 be safe, paws, Dieta

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