Bumps with grayish dry skin over them and when scratched off bright red underneath? leave white spots when healed.

My Airedale has had bumps that vary in size from pea size to quarter size on her for a year now. The bumps are raised with grayish flaky skin on top and if you scratch off skin it is red underneath. She doesn't really dig at them but if you are scratching her she seems extra itchy. Nothing in her environment has changed at all in the past year. The vet did all tests, even scraping, all with negative results. The vet gave her a very high antihistamine which caused some not all of the bumps to fade.They also have left skin discolorations where they have healed and gone away. Large white spots on skin where the old ones healed and went away. But she still has them. She seems to have a couple then a ton then a couple. I do not bathe her too often. I use special shampoo for sensitive skin, even used prescription shampoo and conditioner from vet. Bumps still there. And recently I put front shield on her for summer bugs. Still have bumps. Any help greatly appreciated!

Asked by Member 1172607 on May 29th 2013 in Skin Problems
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