Brown Spot In Eye: Should I worry?

My Boston Terrier (Male, 12 months) has a strange looking brown spot on the side of his Iris that I haven't noticed before -- however the vain that you see in the picture has been their since I bought him 10 months ago.

It doesn't seem that his eye bothers him at all, nor does it look swollen or bothersome (definitely no discharge either)

Should I go to the vet? What could it be and how can I help? Maybe get eye drops?


Asked by Member 1154464 on Feb 9th 2013 Tagged eye, boston, terrier, puppy, brown, spot in Other Health & Wellness
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No it doesn't look like anything serious; just some pigment. It is more common in dogs with squished faces. My pug has it too and I had her checked out to be on the safe side. They made sure there were no scratches on her eye, and there wasn't. They said it won't bother her or affect her vision.

Petri answered on 2/11/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer