Brought a pup as a staff, now been told otherwise, she's 11 weeks old so may be hard to tell, could someone let me know

More pics of the "staff" I brought
Again for people that haven't read my previous questions, she was brought as a staff, now been told diffrent could someone enlighting me what she is?




Asked by Member 1142284 on Nov 25th 2012 Tagged breed, staff, pitbull, puppy, whatisshe in Breeds
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Hi, I work with a rescue and am often surprised at what puppies look like when they grow up. It is difficult to tell for sure just by looking at a puppy. we've had fox terrier mixed puppies (Mom was fox terrier) grow up looking like shepherd mixes! When you stay Staff - there's bull staffordshire terrier and American Staffordshire terrier. I think your pup looks closest to a bull staffie because it appears to be fairly petite - at least at this point. Very cute. HOWEVER, from seeing lots of pups grow up in the past two years - half prick ears sometimes mature into upright prick ears and muzzles tend to grow longer as the puppy matures. So, again, it's pretty early to tell just by looking.

Corey answered on 11/27/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer