Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome surgery?

I know this will differ from region. But how much did the surgery cost you to fix your dog's Airway?

Asked by Molly on Mar 18th 2013 in Health & Wellness
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It makes a huge difference whether you are talking about a soft palate reduction or a nasal resection or both. Both issues can be a problem and need surgery and a dog can have either one without the other OR have both issues that need fixing.
Your best bet is to call around to different vets in your area. Not only ask about the cost but, more importantly, ask about their experience in doing either surgery. A common problem with a soft palate reduction is to remove too little tissue and then have to do the whole process again at a later date.
Nasal resection is pretty dependent on the surgeons experience as well... not only can the results be compromised but the cosmetic appearance needs to be acceptable as well. I have seen some pretty horrible looking resections done by inexperienced vets and would frankly not wish that on my dog!

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