Boxer with Diarrhea more than normal....

Hello. My 11 month old boxer has been back and forth to the vet with diarrhea. We got our little baby at 8 months old, and he was crate trained, and pottie trained. Ever since we got him his stool has not been consistent. He is eating the same thing he was eating at the breeders. Euchanuba mixed with Canadae. All Chicken based. When I took him to the vet the first time they told me he had an infection from drinking water with bird stool in it. Gave me medicine and it was gone. The second, again the same thing. Can someone recommend what I should do in this situation, or a vet that specializes in Boxer's in Huntington Beach, as I am at the end of my rope on solutions. Could it be his food. Could it be allergies? I feel that I am failing him as an owner, and that he is sick more often then he feels well. He has not been fixed because when he went in to get fixed he was ill. THey sent him home to try when he was feeling better. Please help!

Asked by Member 637924 on May 28th 2008 in Emergencies & First Aid
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It is very possible his food isn't agreeing with him, even though he's been on it all this time. I don't think that you need a vet who specialized in Boxers specifically, but you do need one who will do blood work and stool samples and not just assume he has an infection each time.

There are several things that could be causing this, ranging from food and allergies to chronic illnesses like Addison's disease. Do the loose stools happen every few days or after an exciting or tiresome play session? Does the dog seem very sleepy a lot of the time? These are questions the vet should be asking in order to determine the difference between instestinal upset and disease. Again, the blood work for this dog should be comprehensive.

If nothing comes back definitive for disease or unlderlying condition, try slowly taking him off his current food and try another. Wellness brand is good, so are Innova and Eagle Pack. But, in my experience, Wellness is a bit easier to digest.

Good luck

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Pull the Eukanuba if it has corn, wheat or soy in it. I think it has corn. Make sure the Canidae is Chicken & Rice. Feed him nothing but Canidae Chicken & Rice, kibble, canned and treats. NO other treats or anything. Feed him twice a day and pick up what he doesn't eat, so his tummy can digest his food and rest beween meals. I had to mix a little canned and some warm water to get Lily to eat.
Lily has IBS and colitis, so I've been where you are. Her Dr feels her started with ingesting lake water or eating cat poo. Those 2 things happened at the same time.
I also have KP or Petcillin dog kaopectate in the house. It is just clay and pectin - all natural. We don't use it often, but it is a carpet saver when she has a flare, which has become very rare. She is definitely healing. Do not use human kaopectate - the formula has changed and it has an aspirin base now.
Keep a calender. Record 'bad' and 'good' days and changes in his diet to see what helps.
You are not a bad dog parent!!!

Lily answered on 5/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Dogs get run-of-the-mill diarrhea for the same reason people do--they've eaten something bad. For those occasional bouts, the best treatment is to switch your dog to a bland diet until it clears up.

here's more info:

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Our boxer had a lot of digestive problems too when he was younger and I truly worried that he had something major wrong with him. But I learned that boxers have very sensitive digestion - so we took him off ALL treats, and changed both of our dogs to Nature's Recipe dry food, which is available at PetSmart. We give them either the Lamb and Rice or the Venison formula (we always used the adult version too) and they like it, his runny poops cleared up for the most part, and it has worked great for us. The feeding instructions say to give them quite a bit, perhaps because ithas less filler. But the change in food worked like a charm for him. We are fairly vigilant with it, we bring it with us if he is to be boarded, etc. Any disruption in routine and he gets the runs again. And we try and find treats/biscuits with a similar profile. Boxers are awesome, though, even with their problems. If you can, try this food, would be interested to hear if it helps.

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