border collie, yellow lab mix. major help on my pup. im too in love to let her go. HELP.

Okay i just got this pup. gypsy. shes a border collie yellow lab mix. and shes 8 weeks old. ive never had a dog before and now i got one for my birthday, and im so in love with her. shes a total sweetheart. my mom says either i train her right or shes off to the pound. shes not a big dog fan. so gypsy does not like being in her cage. i let her roam around the house, and i put her in my lap and watch tv. but when i put her in the cage she starts crying. also her cage is really big. shes a small puppy and the cage is big because my sister had a cocker spaniel and that was his cage, we didnt wanna waiste money on a new cage when we already had one. is it her cage? or is it me? i did research and some said that pups need to be in the cage most of the time and others said only two hours a day, so i dont know what to do. have i spoiled her? im in school from 8 to 3 so i need her to like her cage. i need her to not cry in her cage or its off to the pound. help?

Asked by Member 1131027 on Sep 16th 2012 in Crate Training
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You are going to need more advice than we can give you in 1000 characyers. Please post this in the Puppy Place or Behavior & Training Forums. We can give more details there.
Now: 8 weeks old is a baby. There is no way any baby can understand rules, etc. Be patient & keep training sessions short & positive.
The crate is too big..try putting something like a box, in the back to block some of the space for now. It should only give her room to lie down, stand up, turn around. 7 hours is too long for her to be there. She needs to go out to potty every hour or so at this age. Who takes care of her when you're at school?
Make crate a good place. Feed treats & meals in there..door open. Don't close door for now. Start with small amounts of time. Don't crate her for accidents or punishment.
At night, make sure she has had a good play session & pottied before bed. Set your alarm..she will need out at least once in the night.
Please post in forums. Out of room here. Much more to say.

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She is just 8 weeks old! She would not be able to learn too much too soon. The training process for her has to be gradual. Wiley has already suggested on how to make the crate a bit smaller in size. Start with keeping her 15 minutes in crate and then take her out, slowly and gradually increase the crate timing. Good luck!

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Dutchess Roliena Skyvy

i think like the others said its to big of a cage so put some toys in there so she can play she might also be lonely when you put her in there so i would turn on a radio (and i do this at night with my year old pup for the past three weeks and she has never before been crate trained she has only been trained to load and unload for hunting expeditions and i never left her range of limited sight that the cage gives her and she goes right to sleep when i turn on the radio) if she starts to whimper after only a few minutes ignore her until she has whimpered for at least 15 minutes then allow her out and the longer she stays in the pin without whimpering give her a treat so lets say she doesn't whimper for 30 minutes you giver her a good chewy treat and every 30 minutes to an hour giver her another for the first day and each day make her go longer and longer without the treats until you only giver her only one a day and then none but still giver her some kind of treat for being in the cage

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