Bobbie (blue heeler) is having her first litter right now and the sack broke and went back inside is that normal?

Blue heeler birthing

Asked by Bobbie on Feb 20th 2011 Tagged help in Blue Heeler
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Has she had her pre-whelping vet check and x-rays? I would STRONGLY suggest you get her there NOW. No one on the internet can help you and it is NOT normal!!! But, if you were prepared to be a breeder, you would have known this BEFORE it became an emergency.

Member 641257 answered on 2/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


In situations like this, when lives are at stake, you shouldn't rely on people you've never met from the internet for advice.

That said, here's my advice anyway: Call a competent, experienced, licensed professional veterinarian for help. If you're worried about money, most will not charge you for a phone call.

Zack answered on 2/21/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer