Blisters on Paw Pads... Should I do anything different?

I have a two-year old Yellow Lab/Mix and I feel so bad. I thought I'd take her on a fun exciting 2-mile walk to the dog park yesterday and she has developed blisters on at least one pad of each paw from the hot pavement (I can't believe I didnt' think of this).

I have disinfected the paws with antibacterial soap, clipped the loose skin, soaked them in epsom salt water for 10 minutes, applied betadine and loosely wrapped with three layers of gauze covered by old socks. I have some antibiotics (about 1-2 weeks worth for 2 pills 2 times a day) that I began giving the night after the walk.

Due to these problems she is of course having problems walking (she eliminated in the house yesterday because she couldn't bare to walk outside) and when I carry her outside she just lies down and will not eliminate on command ("hurry up, girl") as usual. Is there anything more I can/should do for her other than performing the above steps 1-2 times daily? I just feel so bad that I did this to her.

Asked by Izzy on May 24th 2009 Tagged blister, pawpads, pawburns, pawblisters in Emergencies & First Aid
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I would take her to vet just in case there is anything inside the paws, glass ect.
I would only put water on them and wrap them and unwrap them daily for only like 24 hrs then let them air heal for the rest.
The vet should see dog and let you know what to do.
Also, if dog worsens in 24-36 hrs. take her back as she could be really in trouble.
Usually the paws will heal in a few days.
If feet are not in shape or use to hard surfaces this can happen as well.
You might have to spread some straw out on ground to cushion feet til she heals it can always be raked up later. I don't know if epsom or betadine is ok for feet see what vet says before doing home remedies. That works good for horses but dogs skin is different.
Don't feel bad, you didn't know.

Dieta answered on 5/24/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer