bleeding past 14 days

my 10 month old lab has been in heat now for 17 days and is still bleeding does this happen often? i keep reading 4 to 9 days and one person said 14 days. Is there a chance she could bleed for the entire time?

Asked by Member 575803 on Jul 15th 2008 in Pregnancy
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In loving memory of Lilo

Dogs can stay in heat for WEEKS. Wherever you read 4 to 9 days, that's a load of crap. The most common is two weeks- 14 days. The longest I'VE seen was one of my moms pomeranians- she stayed in heat for 20 days. And, when she went out of heat- being around another female that was in heat put her BACK in heat. That can happen, too. My best advice to you is to watch her closely. Don't let her outside. Et cetra, et cetra. You don't want oops litters AT ALL- but, an oops litter at only 10 months old would be BAD. And, yes, they bleed the entire time /sometimes/. And, the blood has different colorations during the cycle. You'll know she's almost out of heat when the blood starts coming out clear- almost like water.
Heres a site I found helpful:
It's a breeding site, but it walks you through the steps of "heat" nonetheless.

In loving memory of Lilo answered on Jul 16th.

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