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Best Flea Products? Is Hartz good?

Is Hartz a good flea product? I bought the Hartz flea spray but I still have fleas in the house. Does it take more than one time or is it just not a good product?

Asked by Diamond Princess on Oct 24th 2007 Tagged fleaproducts in The Dogster Website
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Hartz isn't really a good product. None of the line of Hartz medications for fleas are effective.

Frontline or Advatage work, but some people in certain areas are starting to see a resistance to that medication, too. But, they are much more effective when compared to Hartz.

My advice would be to get a simple flea comb, in addition to Frontline or Advantage if fleas are a problem.

Often, adding a flea combing into your routine twice a day and vaccuuming up the floors once every couple of days keeps most fleas at bay.

Jack answered on 10/24/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I was reading your other posts and it sounds like you already have a major flea infestation in your home. At this point, you'll need to get rid of the existing fleas in order to prevent new fleas.

You will most likely need to take your dog and yourself out of the home for several hours while you set off a flea bomb in your home (or several, depending on how large the apartment is). There are many types sold at home improvement stores - have the store personnel help you find which will work best.

After you have done that, re-wash all the bedding in your home and vacuum thoroughly. (You're going to have to buy a vacuum, sorry - you should vacuum at least every other day when you have pets to prevent fleas and other parasites.)

The best treatment for your dog is using Advance or FrontLine products on the dog. You can buy them at your vet's office. Most of the stuff sold at the pet store isn't effective enough.

Abby answered on 10/24/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Roxi Heart

I definitely wouldn't recommend Hartz for fleas. You should go with Advantage or Frontline. They are the least toxic of the topical treatments. If you want to try natural flea control methods I have a page up that will give you some information and alternative ideas:

Roxi Heart answered on 11/3/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer