Barking at night

Our Australian Shepard mix, Sasha, barks at night when she hears an animal outside, and she gets so wound up that she won't stop. We sleep upstairs and she sleeps in the kitchen. My husband doesn't want her to sleep in our room.

I've played music specifically designed to calm dogs at night to soothe her (and hopefully drown out animal sounds) but it hasn't worked. I bought a collar that sprays the lemon scent, but I haven't put it on her yet. It seems cruel. I guess it'll depend how tired we get. We haven't tried crating yet either.

The only thing that works after she barks a few times during the night is one of us sleeps with her in the guest room downstairs. I know that's not a good solution, but we've got to get some sleep on workdays.

Any ideas? Help!

Asked by Sasha on Sep 27th 2008 in Barking
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Did you try a fan? Have the fan facing away from her, and it should dround out of the sound. Have you tired moving her into a different room? How many years have you had her? Maybe she doesn't feel right when she is in the kitchen? Hope this helps some.

Member 667584 answered on 9/27/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Sully & Socks Our Angel

Our Australian Shepherd has been doing the same thing, barking at night outside. We have pretty much gotten it under control by telling him (in a calm voice..."stop barking or come inside"). He knows what "come inside" means, and we follow through and bring him inside as soon as he starts barking. We praise him if he stops when we threaten to bring him in. As he loves being outside, especially at night, he seems to have deduced that not barking will let him stay out longer (Aussies are smart dogs & can figure out the connection pretty fast).
Yelling doesn't do have to be very calm and follow through when you issue the order "stop barking or come inside". If he continues to bark, immediately bring him inside. It's worked very well for us...amazingly so, actually!
As far as your dog barking while downstairs and you are sleeping upstairs, our feeling is that Aussies want to be near their people and he sees that when he continues to bark, you come sleep with him & he wins

Sully & Socks Our Angel answered on 10/13/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer