at what temp.does a chihuahua need to be put into a sweater?

well chihuahuas and other small dogs that are prone to cold.

Asked by Member 938563 on Mar 9th 2010 Tagged cold, temp, chihuahua in Other Health & Wellness
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Any dog can get cold. Small dogs with short hair, or dogs without any hair need a sweater or something. Any small breeds like the Chihuahua would need to have a sweater on in under 30 F weather.

Hairy breeds also need sweaters, all dogs get cold. Howard used to have so much hair, but we shaved it all off and now he hates the cold, and he used to get so hot in the 20 F weather.

List of some dogs that don't really need to wear sweaters: Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, Alaskan Husky, Alaskan Klee Kai, any kind of Husky kind of breed does not need to really wear a sweater. Great Pyrenees, Chow Chow, Afghan Hound, and Akbash. These are just some of the dog breeds that really don't need to wear sweaters, because they have so much hair. Unless, you shave them of course, then they might need a sweater or something.

No dog is 'prone' to cold, either. Every dog will get cold.

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I think it really depends on the dog. All dogs are different and regulate their body temperatures differently. If your Chi seems cold and is shaking I would put on a sweater! :D

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you can have a sweater on as much as needed.
I usually have one on my little dog from Late september through May.
I wouldn't keep them outside in the cold months also. they should be inside

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Why would you put a poor pup in a sweater? Dogs aren't meant for clothes! They are degraded that way. You shouldn't have to do that. That's why dogs have fur! It's like a super protective coat. Is your chihuahua long or short haired. Either way, your dog should be used to being bare. And your dog should be used to being cold. If they get to used to clothes, it could become a necessary thing for the dog. And dogs shouldn't feel like they have to need something on their backs. Clothes are meant for humans, not dogs! Chihuahuas are a bit prissy. I should know. I have one. And she hates being put in clothes. Do you enjoy wearing really tight things that you know aren't right or meant for you? Look at it in the dogs eyes. Chihuahuas can warm themselves. It's like a human's body. They give themselves heat. They are WARM blooded. They give off heat. If it is a puppy chihuahua it doesn't happen to change there either. It can cause stress when you put clothes on him because it can cause stress.

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Sorry, but dogs DO NOT make their own heat any more than we humans do!!! A chihuahua or Chinese Crested or other small, hairless or shorthaired dogs is originally from temperate climates. When they are brought into areas where the temperature is colder they most certainly get cold and this cold can actually kill them!!! My Chinese crested wears sweaters anytime the temperature is below 60 degrees.
All of my small dogs have sweaters and/or jackets and they love having them put on before they go outside in the cold and snow. It is absolutely insensitive to make a dog you have agreed to care for and watch over suffer with cold and inclement weather. By bringing these dogs into our warm homes we have removed their natural ability to acclimitize their bodies to cooler and ultimately cold temperatures. Any short haired single coated dog living in a warm house WILL get cold and uncomfortable if put outside in cold weather. As responsible dog owners we make sure they are warm and sa

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