As a puppy our dog has been an inside dog for 8 yrs.

Ressie our dog of 8yrs, has a barking fetish I guess. Anyone who drives up or knocks on the door she goes nuts barking and running in circles. I guess she is very protective of her surrounding(house) We want to move to an apartment but she barks all the time. Is there a way to disarm her barking. She is very smart and has a great heart. But one thing I don't like is that she hates little kids for some reason? Kids never (rarely come to our home so why does she hate kids? She minds very well. She is mixed Rockroller and Chow. And she is very aggressive if anyone (adults whoever) tries to touch her or pet her. Did we do something wrong?

Asked by Member 1140864 on Nov 15th 2012 Tagged teeth in Behavior & Training
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Well, did you try training her when she was a puppy? If no, then that is the reason why you are facing all these problems. However, if you trained her, then the training was not enough for her. Since she is 8 years old, it will be difficult for you to train her now, but you can seek some professional help in this case.

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