Are there any shiba inu owners on this site that purchased shiba inu from Lally's lovables in ephrata, PA?

I was born from cutie pie who lives at a kennel known as lally's lovables. My big sister Alyssa will be getting her own shiba from the same kennel in a few months from now. She wants her future puppy to be able to have has many play mates as possible so he won't be aggressive towards anything or anyone else. She also wants to know if there is a group dedicated to people who own a Lally's lovables shiba, She is looking for people so in teh future they can have shiba reunions especially with her future puppies siblings etc...

Asked by Member 1039935 on Jul 7th 2011 Tagged lallyslovables, shibainugroups in Shiba Inu
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Hi Im just getting a puppy from Lallys loveables and have been very happy with my experience. I choose her Kennel because I met a Lady in the park in Brooklyn NYC with a beautiful shiba and she reffered me to lallys. After this i saw a few more shibas in NYC from Lallys. I have heard nothing and seen nothing but positive things from her Kennel. Suzzane the owner welcomes anyone to come at anytime and see her whole operation adult dogs, puppies, kennels and the rest of her farm and explains what the other response says the website lacks. She will answer any of your questions and is very helpfull. Im sure if you google the kennels reviews you will find nothing but positive responses. Also the first answer seems to be directly copied from another post. Maybe a competitor? Im not affiliated with lallys in anyway. If you have any other questions about my experience or Shiba feel free to message me!

answered on Jul 9th.

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I do not know anything about this kennel other than the website, but I would be VERY CONCERNED about getting a puppy from them. No where at all is there ANY information on genetic health screening prior to breeding and the guarantee is only for one year. Serious genetic health issues most often will not show up until after one year of age... especially skeletal issues such as luxating patellas, extremely common in the breed.
It is also a HUGE red flag when there is no mention of any adults, pedigrees or reasons for doing a particular breeding other than to just make puppies.
Another huge red flag is the apparent number of litters they are producing. Seems like a lot at once.
I am also concerned about their apparent willingness to sell a puppy to anyone with the money instead of doing any type of home checks, etc.
Paypall & credit card transitions is also a HUGE red flag.
I am happy that your pup is apparently healthy at this time and hope that she continues to be that way.

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I agree with Toto. I'd be treading very carefully here (as in, I would not purchase from this "kennel").

Kolbe answered on 7/7/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer