Are there any dog groups that get together near the area of San Diego?

By dog groups I mean people who meet with other people to walk their dogs together or something of that sort.

Asked by Member 659156 on Jul 21st 2008 Tagged groups in U.S. Southwest
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Where in San Diego are you located? My suggestion would be to find the nearest dog park. Meet the regulars and set up social functions together.

For example, at my dog park there's a group that will meet up at the beach on Fridays. Tuesdays are Taco Tuesday where people will meet at a local taco shop with the dogs and hang out. For the summer, it's Sunday night concerts. Starting Sept we'll be urban mushing.

Another suggestion is to join a meet up group. You can search by breed or for something more general. I did a search for you and found this group that might be interesting:

When you go to this site, click on "HOME" to do your own search.

Good luck!

Maya answered on Jul 21st.

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