Are there any dog food brands out there that are close to

Food for my Great Dane is costing me more monthly than my car payment. I love her and want her to eat healthy but this is killing my wallet! I'm feeding her Blue Buffalo Basics (she has a sensitive stomach and can't have chicken) and after tax it's about $60 for a large bag. That lasts her about a week and a half. So food is about $150 a month. Also BB gives her awful gas. I feed my Boston Terrier Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul and it's great. Good quality and costs me about $35 per bag. BB gave him bad gas too. I would feed Elsie this food too but all of their food has chicken in it. Any recommendations anyone??

Asked by Elsie on Apr 1st 2012 Tagged bluebuffalo, chicken, greatdane, sensitivestomach, inexpensivedogfood in Pet Food
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I am using Lassie's Natural Way by Sunshine Mills sold at the local Giant Mkt. It's lamb & rice with no preservatives,animal by-products, wheat or artificial coloring for around $18 a 20 lb. bag. Can't beat that!

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