are rat terriers good homemates, girl girl or guy giry, mine is spayed

my gal is 2years old, spayed and a love to be around. Like to know if a rat pal would be good? I am out about 7 hours but thats it, and Mutley sleeps all nite with me. Could I get an opinion

Asked by Member 1099061 on Mar 24th 2012 Tagged friendformutley in Rat Terrier
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Kasey is a rat terrier/shetland sheepdog mixed and she loves to play with other dogs. She's the sweetest dog, never growled or barked at anyone and she's very playful. Our friend has a min pin and they play for hours on end without stop until they just get too exhausted to do anything else. A friend for your dog wouldn't be a bad idea, and would help get some energy out since they are energetic dogs.

Kasey answered on 3/25/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer