Are potty accidents indoors perfectly normal for a two month old puppy?

Should I be worried that she's having trouble getting the message? It seems like she doesn't know how to hold it. We take her out about every hour or two, and always right after she eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner but sometimes she poops before we get out the door. How should I be correcting this? Right now I am taking the poop outside to the "potty spot" and giving her a treat when we get there.

Asked by Jane on Oct 18th 2012 Tagged bostonterrier, puppy, potty, accidents, poop, pee in Behavior & Training
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Yes, it is. Dog's don't have full control over their bladder until about 6 months of age, and she's only 1/3 of that. Plus, she's young.
To correct this, watch for signs. If she sniffs a spot and starts to circle, make a noise to startle/distract her, and quickly bring her outside. If she does end up relieving herself, tell her "No"(not in a scolding way, if that makes sense. Don't screech at her, just a firm no) and take her outside. MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THE SPOT THOROUGHLY WITH A SCENT REMOVER!!! Nature's Miracle is a good brand. Puppies will want to go where they scent previous 'wastes'.
When she goes outside, and/or lets you know she wants out (whining and such), praise her. Praise will help get the message through.
Good luck! And remember, it takes time to train them!

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