Anyone know why my dog has taken to snorting the dill plants in my herb garden.

Blue has been hanging out in the herb garden. It looks like she is smelling the Dill. She also will lay down on the Dill plants. Not the Parsley, Rosemary, Oregano, or Chives, just the DILL. She seems to look extremly happy during her Dill sessions. I am considering letting the Dill just go to seed so Blue can have her own Dill patch.
I could not find anything about Dill being dangerous to dogs. I'd hate to stop her, she seems to love it so much. Anyone know if this is a dangerous?

Asked by Blue on Jun 10th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Now, this is why I love Dogster Answers. Not only do I now have a cute image in my mind of the happy go lucky, dill-sniffing Blue in her garden, but I have learned something new.

I wasn't sure about Dill being toxic or not, so I googled it. This website has it on a non-toxic list. Since I've never heard anything else about it being toxic, I'm inclined to think it is safe for her, especially since she's sniffing and not ingesting.

Check with your vet to be sure, but I think she's safe just hanging out in there. It must have a very pleasant aroma to her.

Now, why am I suddenly hungry for baked potatoes.....

Hope that helps you out!

Jack answered on Jun 10th.

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