Anyone know a cheap or a free place to spade my dog in Cedar City, UT 84720

Asked by Member 781729 on Dec 20th 2008 Tagged spading in Border Collie
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Rather than risk your dog's health with a cut price spay, try calling your local animal shelter or rescue shelter. They should be a good source of low cost spaying and neutering and they sometimes do that sort of thing on site for a much lower fee. It's important to get a reference from someone who really knows your community; you don't want to take the dog to a very low cost place that turns out to be bad.

Usually, the rescue and animal shelter people are a great place to start when looking for this type of info because they have contact with the vets who perform these procedures and usually it's a fairly tight knit community.

Jack answered on 12/20/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I'm going to agree with Jack. Check with your local Humane Society...they may have a clinic or know of one in a I live in a little city in NC (Harrisburg), but the city of Charlotte next door has a couple of spay/neuter clinics that are great and very inexpensive. If it's like here, you will have to pay in advance and give them a couple of dates to choose from, but believe me it is worth it!! (It saved me over $100!!) One thing: if you do that, though, call your vet and ask for a prescription pain killer for your dog in case she/he needs it. They won't mind..they actually understand. Mine did.
Good luck! (and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!)


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