Anyone have a good approach to convincing your parents to let you get a puppy?

Asked by Scruffy on Feb 17th 2010 in The Adoption Process
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Well, sometimes actions speak louder than words. If you already have a dog in the house, try making sure that you take on a lot of responsibility for that dog. Show your parents you are responsible and can take care of a new puppy.

Ultimately, it's their decision, but that might go a long way to making them feel confident that you are serious about the huge responsibility of a new puppy.

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First, realize that your parents may have good reasons for not wanting a dog. They may not have the money to properly care for one, or circumstances may not be ideal at this time. They may feel that you are not responsible enough.
The best idea, assuming the reason is one of the ones listed above, is to be patient and show them how responsible you are. Learn about dogs and how to care for them, and work on remembering and doing all of your chores on time and when told. Don't do it just to get a dog--you'll need to keep the habit for whenever you actually do get a dog. As a living, breathing creature, dogs--especially puppies, are a big responsibility. Forgetting to care for them can cause problems.

Dogster is a great resource for learning about dogs and in my experience, one of the best. Like any site, however, you need to take whatever you read here with a grain of salt. In other words, don't believe everything you hear.
Another fairly good site is

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Getting a dog is a lot of responsibility. You will have to care for this dog. There are pros and cons or getting puppies.

Puppies will chew, and tear up things.
Puppies like to dig.
Puppies are not usually housetrained.
Puppies need a lot of training, they will nip, growl, jump, and chew.
Puppies are not usually payed/neutered when you first get them. Getting your dog fixed is about $200 dollars.

A lot of older dogs do not chew, dig, most of them are housetrained.

What kind of puppy are you looking into getting?

Who is going to care for this puppy?

Why do you want a puppy?

Who will buy all the supplies for the puppy?

Puppies need a lot of care, you will be surprised on how much they need.

You can paw-mail me if you want to, I am running out of characters.

You will have to socialize this puppy, train her, exercise her, feed & water her, groom her, and more. Puppies are expensive.

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