Any tough, durable tug toys that arn't made of rubber or rope?

My puppy loves to play tug of war, but he always destroys the toys. He does not like any rubber toys. He loves rope toys, but he chews threw them all in a matter of seconds.

He loves plush toys, but of course those don't last long at all. I've been looking for a tough, durable tug toy for a while now, but I'm just not sure what is good.

One that looked nice to me was Tuffy's eel....but when I read the reviews on all sorts of Tuffy products, I got discouraged. Most, if not all the reviews said their products only lasted a few minutes.

Asked by Kato on Nov 7th 2009 Tagged toughdogtoystugpull in Toys
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Ropes from the pets' store quickly turn to hazardous shreds. Ones I made lasted much better. Go to a hardware or home center that sells rope by the foot. Buy 2' of 3/4" poly rope. Melt the ends, and tie knots in it. Get them as tight as possible, put it in a vise and pound it with a hammer. Watch carefully, and be ready to discard when it comes apart.

Also, Nylabone makes rings. Many dogs aren't interested in a slick, new Nylabone. I think they are putting the nubby texture on more of them now. I think it is part of the reason so many dogs like the hard to find dinosaur ones. The ultimate is the Souper Size Galileo Nylabone. It is about 7 inches long and 3 inches around. It has the slick surface. They are more attractive if you rough up the surface with sand paper or by rubbing it on a concrete floor. Another technique is to jam a Nylabone into a Kong creating what I call a twofer. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

There is also the Bite a Bone tug ring.

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Personally, I don't like nylabones; they would be pretty dangerous if swallowed and I have seen little chips come off of them from chewing.

I like the looks of this Dragon. Check it out. I am going to get one soon, I like to tear my toys to bits.


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