Any advice to help me crate train a 2 year old dog I adopted?

He is chewing to get out of everything we try. I only crate him when we are not home. He sleeps with us and I take him with me whenever I can. We tried the garage, which was ok for a while, but he just ate a panel out of the garage door, among other things, and my husband went nuts. So I went back to the crate, and he cries terribly and scratches, chews, drools tremendously, got his jaw stuck in the crate door, and is very destructive. He just does not like to be left alone. Please help me...its my first dog and I LOVE him. I would rather not crate him because he is perfect in every other way, he just goes berserk when we leave him alone.

Asked by Member 555245 on Jan 7th 2008 in Crate Training
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I agree that it's separation anxiety. My two cents is don't just crate him when you're not there. In his mind, he is associating the crate with you leaving and him being alone. You should start to crate him when you are there to supervise the behavior. I know it will be hard because he's going to whine and probably bark. Ignore it. He has to associate the crate with it being HIS space... his own room. Morgan HATED her crate at first. Now she views it as her own sanctuary. Sometimes it's hard to get her out of her crate! She goes in it when she feels like she needs a time out and her own space. She LOVES it now. However, NEVER use the crate as punishment. This will only hinder the training process. What I mean by crating when you are there... not the whole time. Just for a couple hours. Good luck and let me know what is working for you! :)

Riley answered on Jan 9th.

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These are all the symptoms of separation anxiety (there is a section here on it)! I would advise talking to your vet. They may decide to medicate him (Clomicalm or Reconcile are popular, they have good websites) for a bit while you work on behavior modification. Realize that the medication is not a fix, but it will hopefully help a bit while you work on the training.

My dog has separation anxiety and it just kept getting worse until my trainer told me to go to the vet. They are doing everything to help us through it. I would suggest getting a crate your dog can't get out of/hurt himself. My dog managed to get out of a wire crate even after I put a master lock on the door. We switched to a plastic crate but he moved it all around my apartment and chewed on it until he bled. I have since found one he can't chew on and has not been able to get out of or hurt himself on! I hate crating him, but it is really for his own safety! Contact me if you want more help!

Conner answered on 1/7/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I got my dog at twelve weeks. She was a nightmare to train, the first night, 5 hours of barking until I gave up. I waited and put her in for small ammounts of time, 10 minutes, then 15 etc etc while I was at home. Many would say she had seperation anxiety. She never had to be medicated, and it only took a couple months of getting her used to the crate. She was just like your dog, destroying everything. We went through three crates, she can open them all. At one point she tipped teh crate over and slid through the bars. She now does'nt mind it much at all. Try introducing it slowly and have patience. I think it's worth a shot before medicating it. Also make sure you tire them out before they go in, Abby goes for a run before I leave. A tired dog is a well behaved dog.

Abby answered on 1/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer