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Answer to - My new boyfriend isn't bonding with my dog-- help!!

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I was going to say that all you can do is have an open and honest discussion with your BF about it. Tell him exactly what you told us, that you don't need him to love your dog but you need him to be more tolerant. Try to be specific about how he can be more tolerant. Let him know you are going to do your best to keep Max from marking and doing other things that are unacceptable but he needs to understand that stuff like that will happen once in a while. Max is just being a normal dog.

In my experience, if he doesn't become more tolerant within a couple months of having an honest and open discussion then things will probably never change. You will have to re-evaluate your relationship and decide if it is something you can accept. Best of luck!

Asked by Sachi (1997-2012) on Apr 2nd 2014 in Behavior & Training
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