Animal control won't do anything I need help

My neighbors dogs (4 of them maybe more) are not fixed and run around the neighbor hood all the time. They are dirty and skinny! They are almost always in my yard and even with photos the Animal Control only gives them warnings! They have 1 female pit that I think has had puppies twice and I've only been here a little under 8 months now. She just had a litter when we moved in and then not too long ago looked like she had another litter. These dogs come into my yard and poo and pee and p*ss off my 2 male dogs by doing so! I have pet some of these dogs that came close and they are covered in fleas, dirt and God knows what else. You can feel their bones-ribs,hips,shoulders. It sickens me to see the animal control truck roll up talk a little bit then leave! They don't do anything and I've called 10+ times and they even have it on record that I called! What else can I do?

Asked by Domivo on Jan 21st 2014 Tagged pitbull, notfixed, females, wild, skinny, dirty, parasites in Animal Control
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I've struggled with this where I live, too, and the problem eventually resolved, but if I could do it over, I would handle it differently. I would take pictures of the dogs and their conditions when the neighbors weren't home. I would make a list of dates and times when I made phone calls, who I spoke to, what information I shared, etc. I would write down the dates and times when I encountered the dogs roaming loose in the neighborhood, etc. Once I gathered all of this information, I would photocopy it and take it to the office to show your AC officers. If THAT didn't work, I would get in touch with the Sheriff Dept, AC board members, etc. To me, it's a question of how far you want to take it. If your community is like mine-and you can probably find this information on the web-owners have to provide very little to be in line with AC requirements. It's really pretty disturbing.

Libby answered on Jan 21st.

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Pineapple Smushface

It might sound mean, but you can put a leash on one and bring it to the pound. Tell them you found it. Where I live they charge owners $70 to get their pet back, so it can become an expensive lesson if it keeps happening. You can keep doing it until all the animals are off your property. If that doesn't work for you, call the ASPCA and report animal cruelty (lack of food, med care, neutering) and see if they can help. ^_^

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You can ask your neighbor politely by talking to her.

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