Okay, so my puppy is over 5 months old and she tends to "anger pee". When she gets mad for not giving enough attention at the right time, or I wont give her table scraps, or I walked out the front door and didn't take her...she pees right in front of me.

If Im eating dinner and she begs for food, I say "NO, get down" and ignore her. She will just pee next to my foot then! If I have to go outside to get the mail, she will bark and lift her leg on the door.

I give her PLENTY of attention, but she is almost 6 months old and there are times that I cant be glued to her side doing whatever she wants me to do.

She goes out every 3 hours (A LOT for a dog her age) and she has three 20-30 minute walks a day. On top of that, she does agility every day for an hour and obedience and show training every day in short 20 minute sessions.

It is not like Im neglecting fact I SPOIL her to death! I just cant handle leaving the room only to find an angry puppy sitting next to a pile of pee.

Asked by Faith on Aug 26th 2013 Tagged angerpee, puppy, housetraining, pee, madpuppy, maddog in House Soiling
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Tasha (in memory)

For all the obedience work, it is for naught if your pup is going to pee every time she doesn't get her way. Stop working on agility and get back to BASIC training. She does sound spoiled, and there's no way that a rebellious dog like that will be able to handle a show environment with hundreds of dogs twice her size in the same categories. If she won't behave inside the home, forget about outside. Show dogs are tested for temperament, and yours is showing that she does not have it. That's okay, stop working her so hard to make her a better pet, and then go from there. After completing square one, she might do a whole lot better with future training.

Tasha (in memory) answered on 10/5/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer